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…and now please… Focus on Your Birthmark… - Athanasios Komianos

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Regression therapists use whatever means are readily available to them in order to tune in their clients with their presenting issue. They may focus on a physical pain, an emotion, a “catch-phrase”, a slip of the tongue and use it as an affect bridge.

In this paper I want to suggest using more of a technique (already in our arsenal), which I find fascinating (1). That is encouraging our clients to focus on their birthmark (or birth-defect). You will be surprised how many people around us have birthmarks (not moles). Include a question in your intake form and if there is one, you may use it as a trigger to produce regression, if you think conditions are ripe and time is proper. Most of the time you will have wonderful results.

Keywords: survival of consciousness- birthmarks- birth defects – regression- paranormal – metaphysical.


Any responsible practitioner in our field must be prepared literally for everything. When our clients enter altered states we should be open to a vast variety of unlimited experiences reactions and expressions. It seems that a huge stream of consciousness is running underneath us right under the level of awareness, and when we shift our attention to this stream a multitude of possibilities spring up to surface.

Their range is tremendous resembling pure Light which when analysed through a prism some parts of the spectrum can be seen while others cannot. But the fact that ultra-red or ultra-violet cannot be seen does not imply that they do not exist.

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