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BIOPHOTONS: Biological Lasers on the “Hardware” Establishment of Rapport on Past Lives Therapy

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Rafael Couto Melsert, M.D., Homeopath, Hypniatrist

“The Word is the mirror by which Divinity reflects himself to the exterior. The word is both sound and light, because light is the sense of the sound.”  

Sufi Thought of Unknown Origin

ABSTRACT: Biophotons are a kind of biological laser emitted by living organisms and they play an important role on cell communication and integration. The past decade has seen rapid advances in our understanding of the underlying principles of biophotons’ emission and absorption. Besides their energetic aspects, biophotons can also hold an informational content.  This paper offer ideas to establish a model, founded on the works of Dr. Traian D. Stanciulescu, Daniela Manu, Paul Constantinescu, Peter Gariaev, Vladimir Voeikov and Fritz-Albert Popp, proposing a role to the interaction of word and biophotons in the exchange of energy/information from the therapist to the client’s unconscious energetic/ informational nuclei upon which past lives therapy works on a daily routine.

KEY WORDS: Biophotons, holography, memories, past lives therapy, light, word, standing waves


There are two parts on the text’s structure. The first – background information- is a bit long, but offers key concepts containing the indispensable base to the second one – the proposed model itself.



Although there have been many studies concluding that organisms emit and receive electromagnetic signals in biocommunication, these signals are difficult to detect. The tiniest of these signals are constituted by Biophotons, which are ultra weak photon spontaneously emitted on biological systems, but they can also be studied as stimulated emission after a brief exposure to light of different spectral compositions. They are weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum – more clearly stated: light. All living cells of plants and animals (including human beings) emit biophotons all the time. They cannot be seen by the naked eye, but can be measured by especially sensible devices, called photomultipliers. This light emission is one of the possible expressions of the functional processes of the living cells and it can be used to evaluate them. Just as an example, healthy and cancer cells of the same type can be identified and discriminated by marked differences in biophoton emission.

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