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Could an Altered Vision Exist in an Altered State? - Athanasios Komianos

“With sight concealed our psyche views our body’s torments”.1 Hippocrates

Abstract: The intent of this paper is to debrief some research done on alter personalities of Dissociation Identity Disorder, who display significant and measurable physiological differences, specifically, in the domain of vision.If such research has been done on MPD patients why would it not take place with our regressed clients who impersonate their former incarnations. Would it not be a challenge to do so and bring about visible results?


One day during my early days of experimentation my guinea pig (my wife) told me: “Do you know why I enjoy regressions?” Why I asked, “because it is the only time I see better and clearly”. I was astounded! She is short sighted, astigmatic, with hypermetropia from a very young age and always had to wear glasses. But while regressed and a short while after she was brought back to consciousness she could see clearly without glasses. Could that be possible? Could one see, or hear, or smell better under regression? It was not long after that when I happened to read an interview of the legendary hypnotist George Vouloukos who pioneered in regressions since the early 70’s in Greece. He was asked what was the most impressive regression he had ever had. The reply was illuminating. He had once regressed a blind man by birth. When this man was regressed he exclaimed crying in joy that he could clearly see and describe things for the first time in his life.2 Could that man really see or was it a self-delusion? Is there a way to validate this? Can modern science “objectively” measure such an experience?

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