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Kinesiology and Reincarnation - Anita Groenedijk

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Spectacular fast method of accessing and healing Past Lives: Kinesiology testing

This is a fact: There still is not much kinesiology testing in Turkye because I could not find anything on google. It is such a wonderful way of communicating with the whole system of life.

I will answer the questions: how did I as a pastlife regressiontherapist get to know kinesiology, what is kinesiology, and how can it connect with Reincarnation.

Reincarnationtherapist finds kinesiology

I am Anita Groenendijk, and already for more than 20 years I practise Reincarnation Therapy. When I saw how easy it was to access past lives, and to heal present time problems through reliving and healing past life experiences, I immediately wanted to become a Reincarnation Therapist, as it was then called. Nowadays Regression Therapy or Pastlife Regression therapy are more common names for it. You probably hear more about the actual regressiontherapy from other speakers in the congress, but if you want I am happy to elaborate on that too. I have studied with many masters in the field, and have had the pleasure and honour of conducting thousands of pastlife regression sessions with all kinds of people.

At the same time that I studied reincarnationtherapy I encountered Aura and Chackra healing, so, working with the energy field. I soon discovered that to be able to do pastlife therapy, I needed to have knowledge of energy, and how it works in the human system. Other speakers will tell you more about that.

By something you could call coincidence, a few months after I started with the reincarnation therapy training, I also got in touch with Kinesiology, in the form of a system called Touch for Health.

A good friend, who studied it, practised on me, and to my utter amazement I could feel my muscles react to very simple touches she did. She gave a little push to my arm, and sometimes it was easy and sometimes it was very hard to keep my arm still. This is called the muscletest. She told me she was balancing my energy lines and also my body posture, which would help my energy flow again and stimulate my self healing system. After two of her treatments I had no hayfever that year. So it also actually had good effects! This got me intrigued, and I also started to learn Touch for Health, and many other forms of kinesiology, and after ten years of studying kinesiology I was a Touch for Health instructor myself, and now I can teach others who want to balance themselves, their loved ones or their clients..

I also discovered, that not only can kinesiology be used to balance energies, but also to access the wisdom of the body, and actually get a lot of information through the body. I often call this bodywisdom, and I will give a two-day workshop in that after the congress.

Touching history

In the next pages, I will tell you something more about kinesiology. the history, the principles, how it works and all the areas of life and healing it can be used. By everyone who can touch another person. You do not have to be a doctor or therapist, but if you are, you can certainly use it!

Inner guidance

Muscle testing is used to ask the body questions and tap into your inner guidance and innate wisdom to find out what your physical and energetic body needs to do to heal. It also provides us with an ‘anchor of change’, providing feedback to the body that the stress has been positively changed and then anchoring the change in.

All over the world

Muscle testing, or kinesiology, has been growing in popularity since the 1970s. Most practitioners are still in the US, but many can also be found in the Netherlands, France, Spain, England, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Italy, Australia, Brazil and many other countries. It’s a simple, non-invasive tool used by many different kinds of health practitioners during examination or evaluation. It’s used to assess many different things – as broad as general health status and as refined as specific supplement dosage, allergies, emotional charges, and many other area's and I also developed a way to use it in Regression Therapy.

Dr Goodheart, an American Chiropractor, is the founder of modern Kinesiology. He knew about the basics of Muscle Testing through his chiropractic work and had always used it in this form. He began looking deeper and realised the link between muscles, organs and energy meridians which later came to include lymphatic and vascular systems. Dr Goodheart discovered and started playing with this in the 60s when he discovered that Muscle Testing could be used to identify stress in the body and the appropriate technique to use to facilitate change.

Touch for Health

A third form of muscle testing emerged following on from Goodheart’s work, and many people who were not chiropractors or fysiotherapists started to use them. This kind of muscle testing is estimated to be used in over 70 different techniques, and by over one million practitioners both professionally and at the kitchentable worldwide. The most wellknown propagator is John Thie, who created the Touch for Health system, that can be learned by lay people, to help balance themselves and their loved ones, but also is a system that can be used by therapists.

Stress weakens the muscle and causes imbalance

The basic principle of kinesiology-style muscle testing is that when there’s some stress or abnormal nervous system input to a muscle, it “weakens”. During a muscle test, a practitioner applies a small force to one muscle or group of muscles, with a particular intent in mind. The muscle is then labelled “weak” or “strong” based on its ability to resist this force.

Stress can be physiological, like bad posture, sitting too much, etc,.. It can be biochemical: not enough water or other deficiencies, or too much toxins, allergens etc. and it can be psychosocial/emotional. In the triangle of health (for editor of article, see picture with two triangles), you can see how everything is connected. Stress in one side of the triangle also disbalances the others.

The kinesiology muscle testing is used to determine the state of organs and organ systems, to evaluate nutritional and other biochemical imbalances, chemical sensitivities and allergies, to detect imbalances in the meridians and chakras, to discover the presence of mental or emotional stress. I use it to check for attached energies, like spirit attachments, and for use in regression.

False or true

One study of kinesiology muscle testing found that a muscle stayed “strong” after a patient spoke true statements, and went “weak” after a patient spoke false statements. I will demonstrate that in the congress.

given the simplicity of muscle testing and its good safety record, there have been so far no reports of damage in connection with kinesiology, together with its reasonable accuracy rate, muscle testing may be a good addition to medical evaluation, all kinds of energy therapies and certainly also regressiontherapy.

I love muscle testing, since it indeed is simple, and bypasses the mental control issues. Clients can relax more since they do not have to think if they are doing the right thing, they just have to listen to their bodies.

Relieving pain, fatigue and anxiety with kinesiology

Here are some examples: physical stress. A lady who organized a workshop for me had a painful fall down the stairs the night before the workshop. She consented in being my client before the group. Before the treatment she said her painlevel was 6 out of 10, and she felt constricted in walking upright. Also her speech was a little bit more difficult and her head slightly unclear. Her comfortlevel was about 5 out of 10. After using the muscletest to verify the imbalances and ask the system what techniques needed to be used to balance her again, her painlevel had dropped to zero and her comfort went up to 8. This took about 15 minutes.

Biochemical and physical stress. Another dear friend of mine who was quite exhausted because of jetlag, and drying out in the plane which made her unclear in the head and sat slumped in a chair. She felt revitalized after a Touch for Health balance of 20 minutes, and was her usual upright self again.

Emotional stress . And lastly. Another lady who was really anxious of going to a family party the next weekend, she always felt judged, bored and depleted of energy during and after such occasions.. was balanced with Touch for Health while holding this weekend in mind, got a Touch for Health balance by a student of mine during a course I gave. In the next study day after that weekend she told she had actually enjoyed the weekend, reconnecting with her family and she had laughed a lot and gotten energy from it!

Kinesiology can quickly change fatigue into vitality again, change the posture and thus also the outlook of someone and help unblock the inherent self healing power of the body.

Kinesiology and reincarnation

Now, how did I connect it with Reincarnation. It is possible to just ask yes and no with the muscle test, I will demonstrate this. And when you can get a yes or no response, you can ask everything. In the beginning I did either kinesiology or reincarnationtherapy with my clients, but in the course of several years I started to mix more and more, with the result that I developed what I call Bodywisdom Regression therapy.


Bodywisdom regressiontherapy is a technique, that can quickly go to the essentials: What is the problem, what can we work with today, where is the cause and how to treat it. All can be asked directly of the client her or himself, through her or his body. We know everything already, only our wisdom is often quite unconscious and well hidden.

This method gives a lot of shortcuts and thus saves a lot of time in regular regressiontherapy. It makes our work more efficient, and also effective.

Everything is connected

Through the body we can access everything that body has experienced. Even more, there is also connection with the subconscious, and through that a connection with all that the soul has experienced. Also, through the DNA, we are connected with our ancestors. Everything is connected, all is one. Working through and with the body is a very accessible and quick way to both get information and install information, find emotional, physical and energetic charges from our personality's, soul's and ancestral past and decharge those.

For those who have trouble visualising, it is a perfect way to still get into contact with the past, so also with past lives. And for those who visualize plenty, but have trouble trusting it is not a fantasy, it confirms their own intuition and wisdom.

What will you get in the afternoon during the kinesiology and reincarnation workshop:

· demonstrations pure kinesiology

· learn a simple muscle test, that you can use to ask questions to the subconsious of your partner

· learn and practise some energy corrections that help balance your energy

· short demonstrations using kinesiology for going to a past life within two minutes

· information and q&a about kinesiology, bodywisdom and reincarnation

Fear of the dark resolved

Lastly, an example of a pastlife regression session using muscle testing. A client experienced a lot of anxiety in the dark. Not only she, but also her 4 year old son had trouble when it was night and it was dark. I tested that her sons's fear was actually from her. Contagious, as it were. She was in my office without her son. Through the muscle test it was determined it was caused by a past life, fourhundred years ago. She was murdered in her house together with her family when she was sleeping. By reliving it and making it clear that she was no more in that situation, she could let go of the fear. The muscletest told us that she also still had fear from her family in her system, and the other murdered villagers. Also, she carried still some of the energy of the attackers in her system, who were drugged and angry. This was the darkness she was afraid of. We cleaned this up, and she went home relieved. When she met her son, he immediately told her: mommy, I am not afraid of the dark anymore!

Circle of reincarnation

I also have done circles of reincarnation. With a group of eight to twelve people, who may or may not know each other before this, we sit in a circle, and we go to a past life of each of the participants, using the muscletest to find the past life that has something to tell to the participant or to the group at this moment. This is not meant as therapy, although it can work really healing. And always, the group has something in common.

Once we found out, that the whole group knew each other from one past life, a family drama that still had to be resolved. We did that in a very emotional release, with lots of tears and laughter. In another group participants had in common that many of them had been in lives where they were special, like shamans, priests, outcasts, witches.

And then..

I will give a 2 day bodywisdom course, where students and graduates of hypno and regressiontherapy can learn how to access information through the body and use it in regression.

There is opportunity to book sessions with me of course, in the days before the workshop.

You can see my webpages and for more information.

I would really love to give Touch for Health classes in Turkey. They consist of one to four classes of each 18 hours, in which you learn a lot about muscletesting, meridians, balancing of energies, pain relief, emotional stress release, goal-balancing and improvement of health and posture. After already the first course you can balance your whole family.

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