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Regression Therapy as a Valid Approach in Treating Obesity: A Case Study - Janet Cunningham

Güncelleme tarihi: 27 Ara 2017

The study of obesity has perplexed dieters and professionals alike. This paper presents the research and view that regression therapy and working through the blockages in the unconscious mind can be a major key to success. The research of the author indicates five major reasons for manifesting excess body fat. She identifies those reasons, and documents a case study using childhood and past-life therapy.

In spite of an increased interest in fitness in the 1980’s and 90’s, statistics indicate a shocking reality: eighty to ninety percent of dieters who lose weight gain it back. We continue to emphasize external (diet change, exercise, behavior) and avoid internal factors (thoughts, beliefs, mind patterning, and emotion). Clearly we have not addressed the mind’s ability to hold unconscious reasons to keep excess body fat. Nor have we begun to consider the “spirit” or energy-essence of the individual. Experts continue to study the effect instead of the cause.

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