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The Secret History of Reincarnation - Roger Woolger

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Worn-out garments Are shed by the body: Worn-out bodies Are shed by the dweller Within the body. New bodies are donned By the dweller, like garments.

-Bhagavad-Gita II

(Extracted from Healing Your Past Lives, Sounds True, Boulder, Colorado, 2004)

Not long ago, I saw a slogan on a bumper sticker: Reincarnation is having a comeback. It’s a sad fact that the scientific establishment in the United States still marginalizes most work that even hints at realities beyond our own, including regression therapy, parapsychology, and a vast body of research into paranormal phenomena, from out-of-body experiences to children’s spontaneous past-life memories.[1] [1] By clinging to such a narrow protocol, mainstream psychology risks becoming, in George Orwell’s memorable phrase, one of ‘the smelly little orthodoxies which are now contending for our souls.’ But fortunately, in most countries where I have lectured, the general public is far ahead of the academics. Nearly everyone has heard of the doctrine of reincarnation, and recent polls show that almost one in three Americans now believes in it, even though most of the Christian churches reject it.

In recent years, a number of influences have brought past lives into present consciousness. The widely read writings of Edgar Cayce, for one, have been surprisingly influential in America, lending credence to the idea that past lives can contribute to illness, emotional difficulties, relationship difficulties, and so on. (I say ‘surprisingly’ because Cayce channeled thousands of past-life readings while in a trance state, even though his Christian-fundamentalist conscious self didn’t initially believe in past lives!) Many people, thanks to Cayce, now understand the idea of karma as the spiritual fallout of good or bad behavior from the soul’s past. Still others have encountered Hindu teachings, in which the idea of reincarnation is central, by being exposed to yoga or reading the popular works of authors such as Caroline Myss and Barbara Brennan on the chakras, the subtle bodies, and energy medicine. The famous Bhagavad-Gita is for sale today in nearly every bookstore.

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